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Working with Labib was a pleasure. His professionalism and competence were evident, as he promptly solved any issues that arose. Highly recommended!

Gianluca Chiap

Software Engineer @ ContentSquare

Labib's communication skills, efficiency, and responsiveness were exceptional. Highly recommended for a fast and effective recruitment experience.

Youssef Chihi

Software Engineer @ ContentSquare

Labib's professionalism and efficiency were outstanding. He provided crucial guidance and clear communication, helping me achieve my goals. I highly recommend working with Labib for a successful recruitment journey.

Ricardo Vieira

Software Engineer @ Adyen

Labib provided excellent support throughout my recruitment process. He was responsive, explained each step clearly, and presented compelling arguments about the company. A pleasure to work with him!

Michael Heinzer

Machine Learning & Software Engineering @ Google

Labib is an outstanding recruiter who made the process smooth and timely. He secured a competitive offer with a wonderful team, demonstrating great communication and proactive approach. Highly recommended!

Daniel Lobato Garcia

Professional neural network nudger @ Meta

Labib is a great recruiter, delivering messages effectively and proactively supporting candidates throughout the process. He advocates for candidates and provides guidance at every stage.

Nikolay Vassilev

Co-Founder @ Stealth Mode Startup

abib is an amazing recruiter, highly responsive, and an effective advocate for candidates. His communication skills and dedication make him stand out. I wholeheartedly recommend him!

Lazarela Antonijevic

Software Development Engineer @ Amazon

Labib is to-the-point, efficient, and empathetic. Enjoyed working with him as he made the interactions enjoyable and productive. Highly recommend collaborating with Labib for a great experience!

Artur Wdowiarski

Product-oriented Staff Engineer @ WeTransfer

Working with Labib was a delight! He's a lovely human being and a reliable professional. His responsiveness and advice on interview preparation were instrumental in making the process smooth.

Albert Olivé Corbella

Senior Web3 Full Stack Engineer @ MetaMask Institutional

Labib is incredibly effective, efficient, and pleasant to work with. I had a great experience collaborating with him. Highly recommend his expertise and services!

Michael Karotsieris

Software Engineer @ Improbable

Labib is incredibly effective, efficient, and pleasant to work with. I had a great experience collaborating with him. Highly recommend his expertise and services!

Michael Karotsieris

Software Engineer @ Improbable

Labib is an excellent recruiter who supported me throughout the interview process. He introduced the company, offered valuable tips, and helped me secure a competitive offer. Highly recommend his services!

Simon Söderlind

Data Engineer @ ContentSquare

Labib's professionalism and consideration during my recruitment process were outstanding. He made the entire experience seamless, providing valuable insights and feedback at every step. Highly recommended for an efficient and effective recruiting journey.

Craig Rafter

Applied Scientist @ Improbable

mpressed by Labib's professionalism and dedication as my recruiter. He guided me through the interview process with valuable tips and feedback, ultimately helping me secure a great offer. Highly recommend working with him!

Federico Figus

Software Engineer @ Surfboard

Labib is an exceptional and thoughtful recruiter who goes the extra mile to understand candidates' preferences and long-term goals. He ensures a transparent and proactive process, resulting in great team fits. Highly recommended!

Ibukun O.

Senior Software Engineer @ Improbable

Max is the most knowledgeable and personable recruiter I've encountered. It was a pleasure working with him.

Callum Dempsey Leach

Data Engineer @ Oakland Data and Analytics

Max provided a superb experience throughout the recruitment process. His tailored help, advice, and engagement made the journey smooth and enjoyable.

Kristoffer Dalby

Member of technical staff @ G-Research

Working with Max during the ZOE recruitment process was invaluable. He organized interviews, provided company insights, and supported me every step of the way. Highly recommended!

Francesca Giordano

Data Scientist @ ZOE

Max is one of the most efficient talent sourcers I know. He found a role for me in less than two weeks, demonstrating in-depth understanding of the subject matter.

Christina Hu

Head of Product @ ZOE

Max is a powerhouse recruiter, understanding client needs and making the recruitment process a breeze. A breath of fresh air in an industry with ineffective practices.

Michele Sollecito

Executive Director of Engineering @ JPMorgan Chase & Co.

Max and his team impressed me while working on Data Scientist roles. They built a strong pipeline and were great partners throughout. Highly recommended!

Ryan Moriarty

Director of Data & Analytics @ Gopuff

Max and his team were critical in scaling our engineering teams at Dija. They not only filled challenging roles but also helped establish solid recruiting practices. Highly recommended for early-stage tech startups!

Luke Hextall

Building a choice-first environment focused on People Experience @ Polar Analytics

Max is a top-notch recruiter who helped me secure my last development lead position. He understood my career goals, provided guidance throughout the process, and was always responsive and friendly. Highly recommended!

Juan Diego de Miguel Mateo

Development Lead @ Cardo Health

It was a pleasure working with Tauseef. He guided me throughout the process, and I hope to work together again in the future.

Merter Sualp

Senior Software Engineer @

Tauseef managed the recruitment process smoothly, maintaining constant communication and ensuring a seamless experience.

Ozan Can Altıok

Senior Backend Engineer @ Adevinta

auseef was very professional, easy to talk to, and prioritized my needs. He provided timely and transparent answers to my questions.

Viktor Hubert

Remote Senior Engineer @ Frontier

auseef was really helpful, providing accurate information and acting as a mediator between the company and me. He was professional, available, and made the process smooth.

Miguel Marin Vermelho

Senior Fullstack Developer @ FLOWN

Tauseef closely followed my application for an exciting role, providing kind and supportive assistance. Highly recommended for all recruitment matters.

Riccardo Volpato

Senior Software Engineer @ Twitter

Tauseef was extremely helpful, quick to respond, and flexible during the recruitment process.

Tim Hart

Senior Engineering Manager @ iTech Media

Tauseef's reliability, positive attitude, and intelligence made my job search easier. His professionalism and engagement led me to my dream job.

Aline Chaves Ribeiro

Full Stack Developer @ iTech Media

Tauseef's promptness and diligence helped me start the interviewing process and receive an offer within a week. Highly recommended for your next role!

Iman Kalyan Majumdar

Engineering Manager @ ZOE

Tauseef is a vigilant and reliable recruiter who provided kind and supportive assistance throughout the process. Highly recommended!

Raza Hassan

Data Scientist @ GoPuff

Tauseef excelled in the recruitment process, introducing me to an impressive startup. He provided all necessary information, support, and even answered relocation questions. Highly recommended!

Alice Karnsund

Machine Learning Engineer @ Wayve

Tauseef is friendly, helpful, and communicative. His enthusiasm and interest in helping candidates find the right role are commendable.

Teresa Talbot

Software Engineer @ ZOE

Tauseef is the most competent and enjoyable recruiter I've worked with. He found top software engineers quickly and handled the entire process smoothly. Highly recommended!

Jason Howmans

Engineering Lead @ Frontier

auseef and his team played a vital role in building our engineering team. He's a skilled recruiter, identifying top talent efficiently while maintaining excellent communication and professionalism.

Julien Lavigne du Cadet

VP of Engineering @ ZOE

Max is patient, genuine, and aligns job needs with candidates. Frequent updates made the transition smooth. Glad he reached out.

Hassen Chaieb

Senior Software Engineer @ Polar Analytics

Max is the most professional and talented tech recruiter I've met. His attention to detail gave me confidence, and he kept me informed throughout the process. I highly recommend him.

Tobi Hannah Awoponle

Software Development Engineer in Test @

Max is a highly professional and talented tech recruiter. His attention to detail and preparation for interviews were impressive. I highly recommend him for new job opportunities.

Forest Diggs

Senior Product Manager @ ConsenSys

Max is professional and organized, providing clear guidance and quick responses. He actively worked to find the best fit for me, even after I declined an offer. Highly recommended!

Ion Alberdi

Software Engineer @ ZOE

Reihaanah helped throughout the process, ensuring timely steps and offering advice. Even after choosing another offer, she continued providing support. Best recruiter I've worked with as a candidate.

Uriel S.

Senior Software Engineer @ Spotify

Pleasure working with Reihaanah, smooth process with constant updates, and a comfortable experience. Best recruiter I've dealt with.

Pablo Garcia-Morato

Chief Technology Officer @ Lucille Games

Reihaanah is an incredible recruiter, providing clear communication and quick progress updates. She's professional, responsive, and accommodating. Highly recommended!

Oussama Romdhane

Full Stack Developer @ Frontend Developer

Reihaanah is a fantastic recruiter, focusing on finding a good fit for both the company and me. Her communication, feedback, and personable approach are highly appreciated.

Stephen Roberts

Technical Team Lead @ Instaply

Reihaanah is knowledgeable, kind, and honest. I enjoyed working with her and learned a lot, not just about companies and interviews but also about my career possibilities.

Ivana Vujovic

Lead Consultant Developer @ ThoughtWorks

Felicity is the best recruiter I've worked with. She understood my skills, matched me with suitable openings, and was engaged and supportive throughout. Highly recommended!

Mateo Inchaurrandieta

Senior Software Engineer @ Blackbird

Felicity is a fantastic recruiter, focused on a great candidate experience. She's approachable, knowledgeable, and provided feedback throughout the process.

Steve Simmons

Director of Engineering @ HubSpot

Felicity is proactive, competent, and engaged. She suggested a role aligning with my interests, arranged calls, and ensured I felt well-prepared. I highly recommend her.

Sabrina Evans

Full Stack Engineer @ ZOE

Cuong is one of the best recruiters I've worked with. He understood my CV and technical profile, as well as the kind of company and culture I was interested in. Highly engaged, friendly, and helpful.

Francisco Punzano

Software Engineer @ Starling

Cuong is one of the best recruiters I've been in contact with. He understood my expectations clearly and only offered roles that matched them.

Ignacio Arechaga Fernandez

Technical Lead @ Inditex

Cuong is the best recruiter I've ever worked with. He sent me interesting offers and provided valuable tips and recommendations. He truly understands the market and manages expectations effectively.

Miguel Lirio Villena

Software Engineer @ GFT Technologies

I wholeheartedly recommend Cuong. He gets to know his contacts and tailors opportunities that fit perfectly. His commitment and effort to match candidates and future roles are rare and commendable.

Sebastian K

DevOps Engineer @ Y TREE

Cuong goes one step beyond in finding the best fit for a person/job. His openness and understanding of candidates' skills and aims make him an exceptional recruiter.

Amjad Altadmri

Lead Software Engineer @ ComplyAdvantage

Cuong stands out with his humanity and concreteness in the recruitment process. He helped me find opportunities in London and assisted in the preparation. Highly recommend him to software engineers and tech companies!

Daniele Ascione

Software Engineer @ Masabi

Cuong is one of a kind recruiter who took the time to understand my strengths and preferences. He found a suitable role for me and guided me through the process. An excellent recruiter and a great person!

Ivo Costa

Senior Java Developer @ Global

Cuong was a great help in finding a new role, understanding my profile and preferences. I had a seamless experience with him and recommend his services to anyone!

Pavel Dubina

Software Engineer @ B2C2

Cuong provided excellent support in finding a role that fits my expectations. The process was efficient and smooth, leading to my successful integration into the new company. Highly recommended for anyone seeking new opportunities!

Yannick Guégan

Senior Software Engineer @ Morgan Stanley

Cuong was hugely influential in securing my role at Yoti. He understood my personal and professional situation and provided detailed discussions about my options. A pleasure to deal with, I highly recommend his services!

Muhammad Abdurrahman

Senior Java Software Engineer @ 10x Banking

Cuong is a professional recruiter who finds the right roles for candidates and refers them to colleagues in other areas. Highly recommended for his understanding of candidates' strengths and career aspirations.

Allison Waldron

Programme Management Office Lead @ Deutsche Bank

Cuong's personable and skilled approach impressed me. He understood my technology stack and career goals, helping me secure my current role at YLD with prompt feedback and communication. Highly recommended!

Mitchell Vivanti

Software Engineer @ YLD

Cuong is an excellent recruiter who maintained honest and open communication throughout the process. He understood my requirements, and his support was invaluable in securing my new role. Highly recommended for tech job seekers!

Alexandru Puia

Software Engineer @ Improbable

Cuong, a professional recruiter, was considerate, transparent, and genuinely had my interests at heart throughout the process. He introduced me to an excellent role and negotiated on my behalf. I wholeheartedly recommend him!

Krishan Wyse

Senior Software Engineer @ ZOE

Tanjel was brilliant in helping me secure my next role. He effortlessly handled interview reschedules, offered great insights about the company, and prepared me well for the interviews. It was a pleasure working with him!

Chinmay D

Software Engineer @ Improbable

Tanjel has been incredibly supportive throughout the entire recruitment process. He introduced me to an excellent company in London, provided regular advice and clarifications, making the experience a joy. I highly recommend him!

Harrison Fretwell

Software Engineer @ Blackbird plc

Daniel's quick responses, thorough preparation, and constant support made the application process smooth. I recommend him 100% for his exceptional recruitment skills.

Tomislav Marinković

Software Engineer @ ZOE

Working with Daniel during my startup application process was a pleasure. He provided all necessary information, accommodated busy schedules, and made me feel at ease. Highly recommended as a recruiter!

Natalia Fernández Pintos

Software Engineer @ Figma

Daniel did a great job guiding me through the hiring process. His helpful and friendly approach, along with detailed insights, helped me make an informed decision. Recommend working with him!

Conrad Godfrey

Senior Software Engineer @ Zoe

Daniel is an extremely dedicated recruiter who understands people's goals. He provided support at every step, including interview preparation and communication with companies. Thanks to him, I'll soon start my dream job!

Madalena Pavão

Lead Developer @ DNA Script

Daniel is the best tech recruiter I've worked with. His active support throughout the interview process and professional approach influenced my choice of company. Highly recommended!

Daniil Drobot

Software Engineer @ Geniusee

Daniel is a great recruiter who provided relevant job opportunities and continuous support from the first call until the contract signing. I'm grateful for his help in landing a job with a fantastic company!

Alina Antochi

Software Engineer @ ZOE

Daniel assisted me in securing a senior software engineer role. His personable and attentive approach made the process smooth. I would wholeheartedly recommend him for software job seekers.

Simon Gibbons

Senior Software Engineer @ Blackbird plc

Daniel, a recruiter, is incredibly helpful, transparent, and fights for the best outcome. Working with him feels comfortable, like making a new friend. Highly recommended!

Paulius Kuzmickas

Software Engineer @ Spotify

Haroun is a fantastic recruiter, providing excellent support and communication throughout the process.

Mert Acar

Software Engineer @ Improbable

Haroun was amazing to work with, offering relevant tips and ensuring an enjoyable process. Grateful for his help!

Simon Assender

Principal Data Engineer @ Improbable

I enjoyed working with Haroun. His support and preparation made the recruitment process enjoyable and successful.

Radu Jipa

Senior Software Engineer @ Unity

Haroun was really helpful, ensuring the position was a good fit and preparing me for each interview. A great recruiter!

Ana Lewińska

Backend Engineer @ Pento

Haroun was very helpful throughout the hiring process, providing relevant tips and aiding my relocation decision. Thank you, Haroun!

Radomir Krawczykiewicz

Machine Learning Engineer @ G-Research

Haroun made my job change stress-free and enjoyable, supporting me at every stage. Thank you, Haroun!

Daniela Zheleva

Full-stack Software Engineer @ ZOE

Haroun was very helpful throughout the hiring process, providing timely information and assistance.

Matthieu Guyot de Camy

Software Engineer @ ZOE

Haroun was helpful and attentive throughout the hiring process, providing valuable tips.

Karl Green

Tech Lead @ Gopuff

Haroun was very supportive and prioritized finding the best-fit role, even offering help post-offer for a smooth transition.

Georgina Corrie

Applied Scientist @ Unlikely AI

Haroun's enthusiasm and support throughout the hiring process were valuable. I hope to work with him again in the future.

Elliot Dines

Senior Data Engineer @ Moneysupermarket Group

It was a pleasure working with Haroun. He proposed a perfect job opportunity, provided timely support, and negotiated a fantastic offer for me.

Ivan Tkachenko

Senior Software Engineer @ G-Research

Haroun was great to work with, preparing me for each interview and ensuring a smooth process. Highly recommended!

Despina Malai

Software Engineer @ Zopa

Haroun provided valuable support throughout the recruitment process, helping me decide on relocating to Barcelona. Grateful for his help!

Lennard Eijsackers

Data Engineer @ ContentSquare

Haroun's enthusiasm, communication, and support were exceptional throughout the recruitment process, helping me secure a great offer at Improbable.

George Padley

Data Engineer @ Improbable

Haroun is a fantastic recruiter, going the extra mile to ensure a smooth application process and excellent communication.

Mert Acar

Software Engineer @ Improbable

Haroun's support and clear communication made the grueling recruitment process enjoyable and helped me secure a role at Improbable. Thanks, Haroun!

Simon Assender

Principal Data Engineer @ Improbable

Haroun was great to work with, providing continuous updates and thorough interview preparation. A recruiter who cares about candidates!

Ana Jalba

Software Engineer @ Privitar

Working with Haroun was a pleasure. His clear communication and support made the entire process smooth and enjoyable.

Stefan Ivanov

Software Engineer @ Improbable

Haroun was very helpful, providing advice, guidance, and connecting me with the perfect company. A recruiter truly interested in my success!

Anko Anchev

AI Software Engineer @ Satis.AI

Haroun was a great recruiter, prioritizing my needs throughout the job application process. Highly recommended!

Georgica Bors

Software Engineer @ Yelp

Haroun professionally provided feedback, answering questions and offering advice, securing me a great offer at Improbable. Grateful for his support!

Luke Plausin

Infrastructure Engineer @ Improbable

Haroun's attention to detail and individual support were outstanding. I had full confidence he had my back throughout the process.

Paddy Osmond

Senior Software Engineer @ ZOE

Haroun provided a comprehensive overview of ZOE's culture and tech stack, preparing me for each interview. His thoughtfulness and passion made the process enjoyable.

Xuan Wang

Software Engineer @ ZOE

Haroun reached out to me on LinkedIn and presented job opportunities at ZOE. He was very attentive, scheduling multiple interviews and offering valuable advice. Highly recommended!

Ion Alberdi

Software Engineer @ ZOE

Haroun was open, transparent, and quick in responding to my queries. I'd work with him again.

Andrew Liubinas

Senior Machine Learning Engineer @

Haroun was really great to work with during my job search. He suggested good roles and communicated effectively throughout the interview process.

Paolo Dragone

Machine Learning Engineer @ Twitter

Haroun was helpful during my job search for a London hedge fund role. Unfortunately, I stayed in Paris, but I highly recommend working with him.

Laurent Meunier

Research PhD Student @ Meta

I found Haroun to be honest and straightforward, keeping me informed throughout the ZOE application process. He ensured the perfect fit for both me and the company.

Gel Goldsby

Senior Engineering Manager @ ZOE

I recently went through an interview process with Labib, and I was amazed by his professionalism and dedication during the whole process. He helped me to prepare for every stage and answered all my questions about the role, sharing feedback and tips that guided me through the interview.I highly recommend Labib as a recruiter!‍

Federico Figus

Labib's thoughtfulness and effectiveness stand out. His personal investment in understanding my preferences led to a role aligned with my goals. Transparent negotiation and proactive support resulted in my ideal team placement.

Ibukun Oluwayomi