Embedded Talent

Scale Up or Scale Down, we have a solution for you.

Our Embedded Talent offering comes with a spin; 100% guarantee to deliver the hire you need in the time frame you need!

Hire Smarter

Take advantage of the techruiter. interview guideline and scorecards and hiring committee format, removing biases from the interview processes and ensuring you maintain the high bar you want! Keeping your interview committee accountable to high standards!

Hire Faster

Take advantage of our deep sourcing strategies by talent mapping your key targets through intelligent segmenting on education, industries, company size’s, start-up journey, technical skills. Our sourcing stack covers a wide range of tools and brings the elevated skill you need to secure the best.

Build for Scale

Retain a strategy that allows you to continue hiring at speed, with a database of warm candidates, bespoke headhunting messages designed to achieve above 30% response rates.

Talent Branding

Our Talent Branding offering gives you the chance to tap into and build a world-class brand to allow you to secure and engage great talent long term. We design landing pages, record video shoots and rebuild your talent marketing program to elevate results.

Talent Intelligence

Know where you are in your scaling journey every step of the way, if its analysing a drop off at a certain stage for a specific role, our dashboard hones in on the problems rapidly so we can fix and get onto hiring the best.