Our hiring

At techruiter, we can work in any way you need us to, whether you’re a start-up, scale-up, or enterprise.

Option One

Starter Pack

Estimated: £15000 upon successful hire

No hire, nothing due
Free payable upon 14 days of candidate starting
4 week time to hire guarantee
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Option One


£10,000 monthly fee

Fully embedded Talent solution
2 person Techruiter team onsite
Process Optimisation
Sourcing Funnels
ATS implementation
Setting the foundations to grow your business
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Option One

Hyper Scale

£20,000 monthly fee

4 person sourcing team & Recruiting Manager
Guaranteed deliveryl No Hires, No fees!
Super-charged delivery and sourcing
Strategic sourcing architecture implemented
Multi-channel reach out strategy
Rapid prioritisation and interview evaluations
Data driven hiring committee style process.
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