Humanising the digital world through AI-powered insights for businesses to build empathy and customer trust at an enterprise scale.

40 Hires in 16 Months

10 Data Engineers
30 Full Stack Engineers

523 Candidates Introduced

High qualified and technically astute candidates selected for presentation.

761 Screening Calls

Detailed in-depth calls, covering all aspects of the technical requirements and career OKR's

18,843 Minutes of Interview time

Scheduling and Co-Ordinating interviews across the world with panel interviews across teams.


Wayve is an innovative technology company that focuses on the development of autonomous vehicles.

Who are Contentsquare?

Empowering Humanity's Digital World

Contentsquare delivers the power to make the digital world more human. Its AI-powered platform provides rich and contextual insight into customer behaviours, feelings and intent — at every touchpoint in their journey — enabling businesses to build empathy and create lasting impact.

The global leader in digital experience analytics, Contentsquare helps brands everywhere transform the way they do business, allowing them to take action at an enterprise scale and build customer trust with security, privacy and accessibility.

Pain points

The Challenge

In the summer of 2021, Contentsquare post Series E funding of $500m to scale and accelerate onto new markets; decided to launch a new hub in Barcelona. Scaling Data Engineering and Full Stack Engineering in Paris became problematic, the Barcelona hub was going to be the answer to launching new products!

Contentsquare whilst being a renowned tech environment and employer of choice in Paris for Computer Scientists. Was relatively unknown in the Spanish tech market. To attract the best Engineers in Spain, a compelling and engaging outreach program was first required to be designed.

Identify the technical problem

Articulate the technical culture

Learning opportunity

Technical achievements

Growth Prospects

Working with Labib was a pleasure. His professionalism and competence were evident, as he promptly solved any issues that arose. Highly recommended!

Gianluca Chiap

Software Engineer @ ContentSquare

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Working very closely with the VPs of Data, Full Stack Engineering, and Talent Heads we compiled numerous outreach programs that constantly achieved over 30% positive response rates.

Our Techruitment Leads dived deeper into the architecture and technical build to explain in detail why Contentsquare is such a compelling opportunity for a Computer Scientists wanting to truly challenge themselves by building technology that will pave the way for new innovation!

What we did

The Result

Finding and identifying the best talent is arguably the hardest challenge in any recruiting cycle! After understanding the technical requirements of speed or processing events and the amount of data being processed in real-time and batch processing. We were able to very quickly identify Industries, Companies and Environments that will provide the right experience for Engineers to quickly onboard in Contentsquare and add value!

The introduced pool included specialists in machine learning, software engineering, robotics, and other related disciplines, effectively addressing Wayve's hiring needs.Moreover, Techruiter ensured a robust diversity ratio of 40% among the sourced candidates.

This initiative promoted inclusion and broader perspectives in the hiring process, aligning with Wayve's commitment to diversity and innovation.Their bi-weekly sprints proved to be an efficient approach to manage this complex recruitment process. By tracking key performance indicators such as candidate acceptance rate, interview success rate, and time to fill, Techruiter was able to maintain a high degree of efficiency and effectiveness throughout the hiring campaign.

Utilising Academia and personal projects via GitHub allowed us to identify further talent; that may not necessarily be available on LinkedIn or be employed at established companies.

This data was mapped in Spain and across key technical hubs in Europe to offer the chance to relocate to Spain.





















Labib's communication skills, efficiency, and responsiveness were exceptional. Highly recommended for a fast and effective recruitment experience.

Youssef Chihi

Software Engineer @ ContentSquare

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What we did

The Interview Process

Refactoring and Continuous Improvement is the hallmark of great tech companies, and a core value at Techruiter and at Contentquare!

We worked tirelessly with the Talent and Engineering teams to improve and refactor our interview process so that it provided the data to allow the correct decision to be made and also ensure candidate experience was excellent!

Skill Assessment Upgrade

Improved technical assessment in first stage interview by adding a Coding Game to quickly ascertain skill level in Javascript.

Complex Skill Requirements

Smarter prioritisation on candidates performing incredibly well in 1st stage being processed faster in lightweight interviews to get to hiring decision rapidly within days.

Data Engineering Test Upgrade

Take home code test for Data Engineering being improved to be:

Simpler to understand
Remove duplication and add Boilerplate code, to reduce time to complete the test.

Efficient Candidate Engagement

Google Sheets to track engagement throughout the interview process to ensure minimal drop offs.

What we did

Salary, Relocation, Visa’s

In a rapidly evolving market having the most updated information available and categorised in the right way is pivotal to ensuring you remain ahead of your competitors.

techruiter. built a salary benchmark data platform that enabled Contentsquare to ensure salaries were levelled according to

1-2 Years Experience


2-4 Years Experience


4-5 Years Experience


5-7 Years Experience


8 Years Experience


Relocation support and Visa management was supported and coordinated with techruiter. support and knowledge of the process and timelines, candidates were managed and supported throughout!


The Impact

The newly hired employees quickly adapted to Wayve's dynamic work environment and started making significant contributions. The Engineering Manager effectively streamlined operations within the engineering team, improving overall productivity. The Senior Software Engineer and the Machine Learning Engineer applied their unique expertise, driving critical advancements in the company's autonomous vehicle technology.

Labib is an excellent recruiter who supported me throughout the interview process. He introduced the company, offered valuable tips, and helped me secure a competitive offer. Highly recommend his services!

Simon Söderlind

Data Engineer @ ContentSquare

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