ZOE is a well funded, Series C startup. They aim to change the future of nutritional science through AI.

947 Interviews

97 Offers

72 Hires

2 Weeks Average Time to Hire


Wayve is an innovative technology company that focuses on the development of autonomous vehicles.

Who are ZOE?

Redefining How People Approach Their Health

ZOE combines scientific research with cutting-edge AI to improve the health of millions. Personalised nutrition programmes radically reimagines a fundamental human need- eating well for your body. Currently avaliable in the US and the UK with a waitlist of over 300,000 people, ZOE is already helping tens of thousands of its members adopt a healthier lifestyle.

Pain points

The Challenge

techruiter. partnered with ZOE early on to set the groundwork for scale. Implementing recruitment systems, ATS, interview documents and designing the end to end recruit process.

Lack of Female Representation

A key challenge ZOE faced was a lack of female representation in the engineering department; their goals was to close this gender gap.

Race Against Time

The race against time to get a COVID symptom checker app to market, with the objective to have both high-quality and efficient sourcing.

Identifying the Right Candidates

Identifying individuals with the precise expertise required was a significant obstacle.

Build the Correct Infrastructure

ZOE needed to set the groundwork for scale, meaning an end to end recruit process needed to be designed.

Tauseef excelled in the recruitment process, introducing me to an impressive startup. He provided all necessary information, support, and even answered relocation questions. Highly recommended!

techruiter.’s technical knowledge and approach to hiring along with a strong mission, great culture and excellent development opportunities, meant that we were able to attract top talent, and the recruitment process they helped us create led to us making 1 hire per week at its peak

Stephen Guerin

Finance Director @ ZOE

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What we did

The Solution

Not only was the correct infrastructure built for ZOE, we empowered recruiters to conduct deep technical screens to reduce stakeholder interview time.

The introduced pool included specialists in machine learning, software engineering, robotics, and other related disciplines, effectively addressing Wayve's hiring needs.Moreover, Techruiter ensured a robust diversity ratio of 40% among the sourced candidates.

This initiative promoted inclusion and broader perspectives in the hiring process, aligning with Wayve's commitment to diversity and innovation.Their bi-weekly sprints proved to be an efficient approach to manage this complex recruitment process. By tracking key performance indicators such as candidate acceptance rate, interview success rate, and time to fill, Techruiter was able to maintain a high degree of efficiency and effectiveness throughout the hiring campaign.

As part of the solution, new technical test that reflected ZOE's needs were applied.

Recruiter's from techruiter. were deployed onsite to aid in the building of the correct infrastructure. Comprehensive feedback forms were implemented to increase the decision making time for ZOE and quickly generated feedback.

The Result

The Hires

As a result of our diversity sourcing to close the gender gap, ZOE’s team is now 60% Male and 30% female.

techruiter. was responsible for building the team for launching ZOE's COVID app which helped the government navigate complex lockdown restricitions.

The impact

The Impact

By building a solid and efficient infrastructure for ZOE and with help from our recruiters, they were able to launch an app which helped the government with navigating the complex lockdown restrictions. Within three weeks of launching this app, it garnered 4.5 million downloads. 

The COVID app led to a world discovery that loss of taste and loss of smell is a symptom of COVID-19. This pivoted into a ZOE Health Studies team specifically focussing on cancer research and dementia.


The Impact

The newly hired employees quickly adapted to Wayve's dynamic work environment and started making significant contributions. The Engineering Manager effectively streamlined operations within the engineering team, improving overall productivity. The Senior Software Engineer and the Machine Learning Engineer applied their unique expertise, driving critical advancements in the company's autonomous vehicle technology.

The impact

Increasing Talent and Diversity

The successful hires made by techruiter. endorses our expert sourcing and recruitment strategy, consequently helping ZOE reach their goal of closing their gender gap and enhancing diversity in their engineering team.


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