Improbable is a British start-up at the forefront of building virtual worlds for over a decade.

40 Software Engineers within 16 Months

4 Week Time to Hire Window

£200,000 saving in hiring costs

Reduction in Rates of Failed Hires


Wayve is an innovative technology company that focuses on the development of autonomous vehicles.

Who are Improbable?

A metaverse technology company

Improbable Defence works to transform the national security of our nations and their allies in the face of increasing global competition and evolving threats. We deliver mission-focused software and services aimed at enhancing security, prosperity and freedom.

Pain points

The Challenge

When Improbable Worlds pivoted to Improbable Defence, the transformation presented a formidable talent acquisition challenger. The new direction necessitated not just any talent, but candidates with unique skills in areas such as Typescript, Model Engineering, Product Design, and Technical Architecture and having Security Clearance. Add to this the stringent requirements for security clearance and customer interaction skills, and the task seemed almost improbable.

Security Clearance Requirements

Speed up Talent Acquisition

The talent acquisition process had to be sped up in order to launch new products.

Expert Skill Set

Improbable Defence required candidates with unique skills: C++, Typescript, Simulation.

Tauseef excelled in the recruitment process, introducing me to an impressive startup. He provided all necessary information, support, and even answered relocation questions. Highly recommended!

Our engagement was very fruitful with excellent results delivered rapidly. In particular, Tauseef and the team helped us staff up a number of core engineering teams with extremely high technical bars. The feedback from our stakeholders was universally positive!

Thomas Holmes

Talent Partner at Improbable

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What we did

The Solution

Our approach to this was for our talent team at techruiter. to undertake a detailed mapping exercise. This was done by analysing education, skill sets and publications to curate a pool of potential candidates. They collaborated closely with technical leads to craft compelling outreach emails, aiming to attract the cream of the talent crop.

The introduced pool included specialists in machine learning, software engineering, robotics, and other related disciplines, effectively addressing Wayve's hiring needs.Moreover, Techruiter ensured a robust diversity ratio of 40% among the sourced candidates.

This initiative promoted inclusion and broader perspectives in the hiring process, aligning with Wayve's commitment to diversity and innovation.Their bi-weekly sprints proved to be an efficient approach to manage this complex recruitment process. By tracking key performance indicators such as candidate acceptance rate, interview success rate, and time to fill, Techruiter was able to maintain a high degree of efficiency and effectiveness throughout the hiring campaign.

The entire hiring panel was meticulously calibrated. Regular interactions with the team identified potential roadblocks early on. Further, expert-led wash ups meant swift and effective decision making.

A key concern was to ensure that the company did not overextend in terms of salary, known as “salary creep”. By conducting in-person career mapping sessions at the Improbable HQ, techruiter. ensured hires were closed at market rates.

Working hand in hand with the VP of Talent, techruiter. outlined the primary objectives for each hire. By understanding the motivations and aspirations of each candidate, and evaluating their response to various scenarios, they could then predict the likelihood of successful probation completion and long-term retention.

The Result

The Hires

The challenge was daunting: 40 hires in 16 months, each within a four week hiring window. Yet, with innovative strategies and a collaborative approach, the seemingly “improbable” was achieved.

The pivot to Improbable Defence was supported by a strong talent foundation, setting the stage for the company’s next chapter of growth and innovation.

The impact

The Impact

The approach techruiter. took led to a surge in interest from top-tier candidates, setting the stage for a successful recruitment drive. Once the interest increased, Improbable’s rates of failed hires were significantly reduced due to the streamlined hiring process we implemented.

Our proactive approach of ensuring employee experience reduced probation issues and helped retention save significant time, but it also solidified the long-term commitment of the hires.


The Impact

The newly hired employees quickly adapted to Wayve's dynamic work environment and started making significant contributions. The Engineering Manager effectively streamlined operations within the engineering team, improving overall productivity. The Senior Software Engineer and the Machine Learning Engineer applied their unique expertise, driving critical advancements in the company's autonomous vehicle technology.

The impact

Streamlined Hiring Process

We helped save £200,000 in hiring costs, without compromising on the quality of talent. As a result techruiter. ensured hires were closed at market rates.


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