Cardo Health

Cardo Health is a digital health company with a mission to improve the health and wellbeing of millions of people in emerging markets.

40% Response Rate

Over 180 candidates

6 Full Stack Engineers, 2 in DevOps and 1 Team Lead

11 Hires


Wayve is an innovative technology company that focuses on the development of autonomous vehicles.

Who are Cardo Health?

AI-enabled digital health solution

Cardo Health provides access to high quality healthcare to the masses in emerging markets. This includes delivering needed healthcare services to South America, Africa and Asia.

Cardo offers exceptional local healthtech entrepreneurs the opportunity to leverage its technology platform and knowledge network, enabling economies of scale while maintaining local relevance.

Pain points

The Challenge

Cardo Health sought the expertise of techruiter. to assemble their first ever product development and design team. Confronted with the challenge of being an early-stage startup, Cardo Health were unsure of where to build their product team. Recognising the need to establish their brand and elevate awareness in the chosen destination, Cardo Health turned to techruiter. for strategic guidance.

Brand Awareness

Cardo Health needed to establish their brand and elevate awareness in a chosen destination. They turned to techruiter. for guidance.

Cultural Alignment

Culturual alignment was another hurdle as they operated at a rapid pace and required a workforce with a resilient 'can-do' attitude.

Technical Skills

Cardo Health not only wanted individuals who embodied the open-mindedness and adaptability of Cardo's environment but also individuals with highly technical skills.

Early-stage startup

As an early stage startup, Cardo Health, were unsure of where to build their first ever product development and design team.

Tauseef excelled in the recruitment process, introducing me to an impressive startup. He provided all necessary information, support, and even answered relocation questions. Highly recommended!

What we did

The Solution

Techruiter. initially held a discovery meeting and conducted extensive research to pinpoint optimal locations for the establishment of a cutting-edge R&D product hub. Following a thorough examination of potential cities, including Stockholm, Berlin, Paris, Amsterdam Mexico City and Lisbon, the strategic choice of Barcelona emerged for various reasons including accessible talent and timezones with rest of Europe.

The introduced pool included specialists in machine learning, software engineering, robotics, and other related disciplines, effectively addressing Wayve's hiring needs.Moreover, Techruiter ensured a robust diversity ratio of 40% among the sourced candidates.

This initiative promoted inclusion and broader perspectives in the hiring process, aligning with Wayve's commitment to diversity and innovation.Their bi-weekly sprints proved to be an efficient approach to manage this complex recruitment process. By tracking key performance indicators such as candidate acceptance rate, interview success rate, and time to fill, Techruiter was able to maintain a high degree of efficiency and effectiveness throughout the hiring campaign.

To tackle the challenge of finding candidates who were good cultural fits, techruiter. employed a strategic screening process by incorporating probing questions to gain insights into candidates’ past roles, preferences and motivations.

With Cardo firmly positioned as a recognised brand, techruiter. seamlessly deployed a strategy focused on identifying and engaging expert-level JavaScript developers adept at both front-end and back-end development. Our innovative approach involved pinpointing specific brands and environments through headhunting sequences that integrated compelling text, video content and graphics, effectively communicating the Cardo vision and narrative.

The Result

The Hires

Over 180 candidates were generated for Cardo Health, there were 11 hires. Six of them were Full Stack Engineers, 2 in DevOps, one in QA and 1 Team lead.

This rapid scale up project was initiated in July 2022 and delivered by March 2023.

The impact

The Impact

By hosting tech conferences, implementing targeted marketing strategies and direct head hunting efforts, techruiter. helped Cardo Health establish their brand and build awareness within the Spanish tech market.

techruiter. was able to generate a list of over 180 candidates for Cardo Health.


The Impact

The newly hired employees quickly adapted to Wayve's dynamic work environment and started making significant contributions. The Engineering Manager effectively streamlined operations within the engineering team, improving overall productivity. The Senior Software Engineer and the Machine Learning Engineer applied their unique expertise, driving critical advancements in the company's autonomous vehicle technology.

The impact

Technical Excellence

By employing strategic screening processes, it enabled us to pinpoint candidates who demonstrated technical excellence and a strong alignment with Cardo Health’s cultural values.


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