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looking to hire a team

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stage two

talent engagement:

Once we’ve identified great talent, we craft personalised, enticing messaging and comprehensive pitches in order to engage the best tech talent out there. We’re persistent, yet respectful - having been internal recruiters, we approach talent engagement from this perspective, and don’t rely on badgering people or applying a scattergun approach.

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stage one

talent identification:

We use a wide array of sources to find great tech talent - we use our own networks and Linkedin of course, but we also use Github, Meetups, as well as other *less well known* platforms to find great people for you. We’re well calibrated to what great tech talent looks like, from our experience working in great engineering teams.

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stage three

candidate management:

We manage our candidates end-to-end - all the way from the first message, through their offer, all the way to when they sit down on their first day. We work with your internal talent team to deliver great candidate experience through every touchpoint, and simplify offer and onboarding to ensure that they land effectively and are set up for success from day one. 

stage four

build your process

Techruiter can become your talent team and set up efficient, lightweight recruitment processes and branding strategies that effectively filter out all but the best talent in consultation with your leadership team - we discover what’s important to you, and build a process around what best serves your business. Whether it’s setting up a talent function from scratch or augmenting your current Talent team with skilled Technical Recruiters; we are ready to help.

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