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Forge & techruiter

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Nicholas Bruno

Director of Recruiting


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Our partnership with Edmund and techruiter. has been a blessing from day one. They took the extra time to really understand our technical needs which showed in their first round of presented candidates. Not having to spend extra time reviewing and recalibrating profiles is priceless for a lean team especially here at Forge.


With their help, we were able to hire a Staff Engineer from Amazon's ML Team in roughly 30 days from our initial kick-off meeting. Techruiter is not just another recruiting agency, they'll be a long-term partner to Forge's recruiting team.

Forge is the marketplace for startup equity - their platform allows staff at pre IPO startups to liquidate their shares to investors.

To date they have secured over $80M in funding and traded over $3B of shares in the likes of AirBnB, DoorDash and SpaceX.

the challenge:

Forge needed a Staff level software engineer to work across the stack using Scala and TypeScript. It was vital this person was a functional programming enthusiast and an advocate for strong type systems. They also needed to be comfortable working in a startup, and happy working fullstack. Finding someone this senior, with both the granular technical knowledge and flexibility to work in a fast-paced environment had proved challenging to date.

our impact:

We had a detailed Zoom call with the engineering leadership at Forge to discuss the shape of their ideal hire. We consulted with them on looking beyond engineers with production Scala experience, and including those working with other functional and strongly typed languages (Haskell, OCaml). We learned more about their stack, and the Scala libraries they were using (ZIO, Caliban, http4s), including that in our messaging to candidates. We reached out to a curated longlist of 350 engineers, and after detailed conversations presented a shortlist of 16 applicants to Forge. They hired Josh, a senior member of Amazon's machine learning team.

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